St. Lucie County Rock and Gem Club
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This is a 501-C4 non-profit organization

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All St. Lucie County Rock and Gem Club classes have no syllabus, no tests, and offer no certifications - just fun!
​Cabbing (Cabochon):  In this class you will learn how to cut large chunks of stone into slabs and then, from those slabs, you will create the cabochon stone. Using the saws and polishing wheels you will shape the stone and highly polish it with a rounded surface for the finished product. These stones are suitable for use in making jewelry. Stones for this class may be purchased at the class or you may bring your own raw material for cabbing.

Metal Smithing:  In this class you will learn how to use a rolling mill and the art of texturing copper or silver. Using items like crinkled paper and leaves to make different impressions and, of course, your imagination. The use of the torch will come in handy to do some soldering and annealing. You can make one of a kind and unique pieces.

Centrifugal Casting:  In this class you will learn how to use wax patterns and centrifugal casting equipment and turn molten silver into jewelry. Equipment is supplied, but you must purchase your own silver and other supplies needed for each project. 

Vacuum Casting: Starting off you will learn how to shoot a mold to make a wax pattern. How to make a wax tree than the investing process. Next comes the casting process with silver, gold, copper or bronze. All metals can be purchased in class or bring your own all other supplies are supplied. Finally you will learn how to cut your castings off the tree and finish project. 

Silversmithing Class Beginning: This class is silversmithing one for beginners only. You will learn the properties of several metals and the ability to cut, solder and form those metals while completing a ring, pendant, and a project of your choice. You will also be introduced to different kinds of tools both hand and mechanical with which jewelry is made. Some copper will be provided free of charge and sterling silver will be available for purchase 

Intarsia:  Learning to cut and shape small pieces of interesting rock and gluing them together to form intricate scenic or geometric patterns. Bring whatever slabs you have to get started.

Open Workshop: This class offers the shop facilities to experienced members who have previously completed classes in our workshop. 

Wire Wrapping & Weaving: Wrapping and weaving with wire, Beads and Stones to create Pendants, Bracelets and necklaces.

Wire Wrapping:  Wrapping with Wire, Beads and Stones to create Pendants, Bracelets and necklaces.

Glass Fusion:  Learning about various ways to fuse glass to make glass pictures, bowls, etc. 

Lamp Work:  Using glass to make beads.