St. Lucie County Rock and Gem Club
(772) 462-6597
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This is a 501-C4 non-profit organization
Voting Proxy Form 
If you are unable to attend a monthly meeting, and you want your vote counted, fill out the Voting Proxy form and mail it to the club or email it to our President.

​Here is a link to the club's Voting Proxy form .  

Items for Sale

1) Covington Trim Saw - 10 inch blade, used very little, $700
    Call Bob Royer at 828-400-6100 (posted Nov 2020)

2) Pin Polisher  - $200 - needs switch but works fine
    Call the Club Workshop at 772-462-6597 (posted Jan 2021)

Online Payment for Classes is available! 
Members who have paid their membership dues for the current year may contact Joe David at to request your specific login and password.

Current Members click here to log in.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak,
Club meetings will be held through zoom. 

Please obtain info for the next zoom meeting from Joe David.
If you are unable to attend, please use a proxy form. 

Our Private Facebook Page
 Sign up to our private Facebook page for live meetings updates. If you’re a member on Facebook, search for the listed page and ask to be a member. (St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club). Look for updated info on our Facebook public page (St. Lucie County Rock and Gem Club).

Members may now request that this website show links
 to their personal jewelry website. 
Please contact Roni Welton at
For a link to a member's website please click here.